I tried to whiten my teeth at home and it worked!

January 13, 2020

Good day guys, I officially want to wish you a merry and blessed year 2020. To all my subscribers and my visitors, may God in all his faithfulness, remembers you in a good way for peace and success, in Jesus name Amen!

So! today, as the first post of the year, we are discussing something different on the blog. I can't believe I am writing this post today but you know what? I like new experiences from time to time:) Isn’t it funny how you can sometimes think about something and it suddenly comes right to you 😏? I have been thinking about a better way to care of my teeth... I mean my teeth, subject of insecurity for the longest time growing up. Some of them were not growing correctly, and I broke one of them when I was 9 years old 😅. So you can imagine how dentist appointments were part of my life as a child. Luckily, I learned to accept them over time, and much older now, I am not afraid to smile. However, I was not too happy with the color so early last year, I was researching on safe ways to clean and protect them. Then on my conquest for info, #smilebrilliant a teeth whitening company reached out for a collab. Girl talk about right timing here. Since I was looking to clean my teeth, I did start the journey with them. I am very happy I did because I discovered new things on my teeth, and on teeth whitening. Interested? ride with me:)

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Who is Smile Brilliant

Simile Brilliant is a teeth whitening company founded by hygienists and dental professionals of 30 years of experience. Their products are recommended by most dentists in the country, and their system  is  based on  the cost of whitening your teeth at the dentist. In fact they produce their  own custom-fitted trays for 70% less than what dentists offer, and the whitening process is 5 times faster. Plus this product they sell is cruelty free. I am not a big watcher of those things but I rather go with cruelty free products anytime I have the opportunity.

The whitening kit

First they send you your impressions kit with the step by step process, and a package ready to ship. You have to make your impressions and send them back when ready, to the lab. The time frame to receive your trays is  relatively one week or one week and half maximum. (I think it will depend on where you live also). Your fitted trays should be ready to use with the instructions. Not to mention that your impression kit will also come with the whitening and desensitizing gels. 


My experience with the product

I mean I love the product.They guide you from the very first step to the last and each step has a picture to help. The instructions are very simple to follow. If you follow them closely, you will have the best results. Being a person with extreme sensitivity, I was not too sure  in  what I was engaging myself in. It was also my first time. However, I was happily surprised to see that my teeth did not feel too sensitive and my gums not too irritated. I experienced gum irritation the very first time but they advised me  to rob Vaseline on the gums, and it helped a lot. Apart from that time, I experienced sensitivity once every other week. As far as gum irritation I barely experienced it. Nevertheless I realized that anytime they were hurting, I had too much gel in my trays.

As a routine, you can whiten you teeth everyday for up to 3 hours, but I would whiten mine every day for at least 1 hour the first two weeks. I am not kidding guys I was already seeing a little difference. Then from the third week, I started whitening my teeth every other day for 1h30 min usually before going to bed. When my teeth will be too sensitive, I will space my sessions by 3 days before whitening again. The desensitizing gel helps a bunch when you  closely respect the instructions. They prevent your teeth from feeling sensitive after whitening. I have been whitening my teeth for five weeks now but with more space between sessions. I am more of a "experience the progress" than see the change all at ounce, so I love it and do recommend it.

 My pros 

  • It does whiten your teeth. The gel will progressively remove the stains on your teeth and will give a radiant look to your teeth. Mine are kind of shiny sometimes when I look closely. 

  • It gives you a routine of care for your teeth. I will be honest I am not always disciplined with my teeth, so whitening them have helped me take a better care of them, especially when they would feel too sensitive. 

  • You don't need a lot of gel for better results. I am glad this is the case because girl you will  have your whole mouth irritated!!!! A tiny line across your trays is just fine for the day. 

My cons

  • Since it is my first time, the trays give me a bit of discomfort. They are not painful though FYI but they give a weird feeling.

  • It takes time and discipline. If like me you  can be a lazy butt, this can give you work lol.

  • You are more likely to experience sensitivity  but it is normal. However, always make sure it is safe for you to use the gel if you feel like your teeth are too sensitive. 

Fun facts I discovered 

  • I discovered that teeth have pores. I mean duuuh how would they absorb all these stains? Anyways I did not know ok? So it’s cool. Now I am more thoughtful of that when I care for my teeth.

  • Your teeth might not turn out white after your whitening process because your teeth might not be white naturally. (I hope mine are naturally white lol)

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I tried to whiten my teeth at home and it worked!

January 13, 2020

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