Making a perfect gratitude list for fall

November 18, 2019


Guys!  Today I want to talk about gratefulness:) I don't know about you but I have been practicing gratitude the whole year, and I would like  to show how to make a perfect gratitude list for fall 2019. So if you are interested keep on :)

Kept it simple

Keep it simple guys. Look around yourself. Are you able to see, touch, smell walk and do many other normal things? Be thankful for it. You won't believe how a simple a  muscle in your body is important until it does not work properly.  Be thankful for your family (biological/non-biological) friends, enemies (if you have any) and all your  relationships good or bad. Why your enemies? Because they always teach you a lesson on how you can be a better person.


Recall your challenges and what you  have learned

Reflecting on  your challenges, struggles, difficulties give you an opportunity to see how strong your are, no self-blame or pity party. It also gives you more faith and  strength for what is coming. Also, when reflecting, recall the lessons you have learned and be grateful for them. You are not the person you were before your challenges.


Think about about details 

There is something about being grateful for all the tiny bitty details of your life that can give you a real sense of blessing. Don't miss out that kiss or that thank you, that appreciation from your partner, or even your good mood, you inner peace, every detail is important. 


Be thankful for the weather

If you are like me then the weather has an impact on your mood and your body. Reconsidering the advantages of each seasons will help a lot. Also recognizing that God made each season beautiful helps with keeping joy.


That is it guys, this is what I would consider when making my gratitude list. How do you proceed? let me know in the comments.







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