The unnoticeable but noticeable look for a summer wedding

August 26, 2019

Guys what's new?  Who has been going to weddings the whole month of August?! Mannn!! next week, I am going to my third wedding in the same month. I guess August is a wedding month:). So! how to be well dressed but not overdressed at a wedding? Especially when you are just a friend of a friend. I mean you know what I mean right? How to be stylish but sober when it is not your best friend's wedding. If you are interested keep reading:)

 Maxi dress similar here

Heels similar here

Clutch (Highly recommend!)


So first of all, be smart about the color. It is summer time still so pastel colors, yellows and pinks is a good choice. However, the look or the type of clothes you will choose will determine everything. The right maxi dress will always make a good outfit. Second, be smart about your choice of accessories. If you are wearing a bright color, make sure you chose neutral tones like white, rose gold or black.  You will look sober but noticeable. This dress from Forever 21 is simply elegant. The color is perfect, and the length completes the look. I had several compliments especially on my clutch:)

    Ruffle dress similar here,here and here 

Sandals similar here

Sunglasses similar here//Clutch

Third, you can always pick florals. This ruffle dress is very nice! A combination of florals and ruffles is also very good choice. I was surprised at the number of compliments I received that day:) Seriously I am not kidding. The floral prints usually bring life and colors and the ruffles elevate the outfit. As a whole choosing ruffles for a look is nice for weddings. Dark florals are perfect for the colder months. 

So guys here we are. Tell me what you think in the comments. How do you choose your looks when you are a wedding guest? Let me know also if you would like more ideas or advice on this kind of tricks.






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