The myth of cutting out negative people

August 15, 2019

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday:)


Sorry for the long time disappearance. So let's talk! Today the self care, me care, me first is so trendy that Christians completely forget where they come from and who saved them. Thinking about yourself or "protecting our barriers" is so hype that when someone tries to care it is seen as a sign of mental illness 🧐. Ok! Don’t get me wrong mental illness is real and is not a joke, so the schemes of the enemy. He convinces us to practice things that are completely against who we are in Christ. Laying on the top of my chest for weeks, I wanted to share my reflection on the myth of cutting "negative people out of your life". 

I was asking myself what being the light of the world meant and how Jesus would have treated himself and people if he was living in earth in our current time. The Truth is, I am not very sure. However, I know this: Jesus shown so much light wherever he went, that all the negative people were transformed into an unshakable way. They either changed and or rejected him but the result was that he was the light that no one could deny it. Now what are we missing here 🤔. Why are we so consumed with taking care of ourselves that we even forget who we are in this world: the salt of the earth the light of the world. It is so funny to think that we are so great and positive, and unless people are  reasoning like us or feeding us the way we want, they are not worth our consideration. Well, wrong☝️. If we flip it, we are all negative and wicked in the eyes of God if not for Jesus’s blood. Don’t play the card of God is supernatural he can love hard people, me I can't. Well guess what, that same God lives inside of us so let us have his  perspective. Have a support system. Discern who to take in your inner circle but never forget that your light and joy needs to be shared to change someone’s life. Quit selfishness it is not pretty. I do believe that God will take care of us when we let him use us to share his love around us. I hope it speaks to someone.... Majorly talking to myself.



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