Winter Bomber

March 4, 2019

Happy Monday guys !!

I know it's been ages I actually wrote something on my blog. The truth to the matter is weather happened! Yea! you read me right the weather here in Minnesota is OUT of control 🤯. If you live here and you come from a place where it  never gets below 75 degrees, you will know my struggle! This winter with its 10 millions inches of snow, robbed my motivation to even go out and take pictures. Anywho, enough of winter rumbling.  Bomber jackets have been the trend for years now in terms of winter fashion. I mean they’re cool and nice. However, I was not really thinking about having them in my closet, until I realized I had four or five of them in my closet!!! LoL can you imagine?! So here are two ways you can rock a bomber jacket 😊.Here in Minnesota, those jackets are more than a trend, they are very necessary. What do you think guys? I know that spring is slowing coming up in some other parts of the country, but hey not for everyone.

This vinyl ish bomber jacket is a bomb!!!  My mom and I spotted it at target and we said at the same time: That's it right there!! 😂. Love it!It's  cool, it's right for the season and trendy. With some jeans and some sneakers. Bam!


The other red jacket is a gift instead. It's more of a man jacket I would say. But it fits well. I paired it with a faux leather skirt and some military boots. Simple but cool:)



I have seen really nice outfit combinations with bomber jackets and I got inspired. There are countless ways to style them. So if you try have fun 🙃😏😉




What I am Wearing

Black Bomber jacket: Target (for 12$ only!!!)

Jeans: Charlotte Russe (old)

Sneakers: Champions (for 25$)

Pink Turtleneck: thrift market

Red Bomber Jacket: Gift (you can get one at your favorite store)

Top: H&M

Faux leather skirt: thrift store

Boots: TJ Max















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