Quit the pressure

December 5, 2018

Happy Wenesday guys:) new week ,new goals, and new opportunities to be grateful and move forward:) So today I wanted to share some of my reflections concerning  self-motivation, confidence, and approval. I don't know for you but the number of books, videos, articles, and articles on how to be confident and not to live for people's approval double every year. Don't get me wrong it is great, and I know many people have been inspired and encouraged through that. However, I have been asking myself this: How long does it take to stop caring about people's approval or people's attention?

Motivations increase but many people are still drawing their value from others. Many people's joy, confidence and peace depend on how they are treated and so on. Let me tell you my friend if you are reading this and  that's you then you are not alone. The truth is everyone suffers from it, me included.  I bet you are asking yourself  why you can't seem to be yourself and accept yourself without needing people to uplift you, and when you finally will. Most of the encouragements we hear and read do not address how long it takes to gain and develop self-confidence. And let me tell you it takes time to train your soul and mind to recognize your value and your worth. It takes time to undo the lie and believe the truth. When someone tells you to quit waiting for people to make you happy, it doesn't mean that it should happen right away. Even though  it is a truth you should know to set yourself free, you must be gentle and patient with yourself while reminding yourself that God made you wonderful and beautiful. Rachel Hollis addresses this matter so beautifully in her book Girl wash your face.  I believe that everyone should get that book so hilarious and profound!!! She explains how it is essential to bear with oneself without giving up. You must be patient with your self but you can't dwell on your weaknesses.

If we think a little bit, everything we do is for people to see. We need an audience we need responses, feedback, and everything in between. So the truth is to some extent approval do matters. We are naturally relational creatures and we do need encouragement and love from our peers. Reason why Jesus said: "love one another as I have loved you" John 13:34-35. God is supposed to be our premiere source of confidence not people. But it is a learning process... be encouraged where you are.

So what are your thoughts on that matter? Did you read the book? let me know in the comments



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Boots: Charlotte Russe (old similar here)

Clutch: Shein (here. Obsessed with it for the quality)

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