Monochrome today

November 19, 2018

Its Monday guys!!!! I hope you are awake :) So I wanna talk about monochrome outfits today. I used to feel very uncomfortable in same color everything outfits... But lately I do like them a little😏. When styled properly they can make a perfect statement. 

This outfit right here was just an experiment🤷🏼‍♀️. Being color blind sometimes can alter my judgement on colors, but I think I have done it right this time.

I am more like a shades of a color than everything matchy matchy. What do you think? Those pants were a gift from my mom when she came to visit years ego. But I never wore them because I did not know how to style them. The color is pretty interesting, and being color blind did not help so I kept it in my closet for a very long time. Then on Friday, I remembered that I have this burgundy ish turtleneck that I barely wear haha. I paired it with the pants and voila!!!! How on earth did I not think about this earlier? Anyways better later than never right?



I am also obsessed with these boots . I got them last year at Charlotte Russe and mannnn I love them! They are so far one of my favorite pieces in my closet at the moment. The special thing about them is that they can adopt the dominant color of any outfit I put on. Isn't that cool?


Look it is very simple and I bet it can be a killer on anyone:). I did not wear any accessories except the glasses cause I did not fell like it. But I think anything minimal will do :) So what do you think?! Sorry for my face though I look so serious lol. PS: This hat is from my mom I stole it.... hahaha.


Portray your style:)


What I am wearing

Turtleneck top: gift (but you can get any turtleneck of your choice at  your favorite store

Pants: gift similar  here and here

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Clutch: SheIn

Jacket: Plato Closet






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