Cheers on my birthday🎊🎉

October 15, 2018

Man I have missed writing!!! I have gone away without notice, but hey all of that will be for another post. In the mean time, it is celebrating time!!!! Saturday was my birthday, and I had a pretty chill and restful day thank you Jesus. Wait! cross that. I almost had a perfect rest day but two of my friends came over  by surprise and took me out:) However, unlike my other birthdays, all I wanted was to eat roasted beef, drink champagne and sleep lol. I mostly felt good even though the consciousness of being older was there.  I am not afraid of getting older don't get me wrong. On the contrary, I am  curious to see what the future holds. Overall, I want to thank God and celebrate my life and if I was writing myself a birthday card, I was going to say this

You are the most the funniest person I ever met! As a matter of fact, your jokes make me laugh like no other.

You are naturally beautiful and your little silhouette makes you perfect!

Don't even mention your hair girl I love your hair!

You have a great sense  of style and creativity.

I love how you care about others and feel for others around you. Keep that sensitivity there is a purpose for it.

I am so proud of  everything you have accomplished, and all the things you have learned about yourself this year.

Girl continue to grow into the strong and wonderful woman God has created you to be.

His plans for you are of good and not of evil and everything will work perfectly for your good.

Continue to bloom and discover yourself. As you do, life will unfold. Never forget that you are chosen, loved and covered by Christ.

 Dress\\ Booties\\ bag (no longer in red)

Mind you, this is exactly what I told myself.  So why not share it on my blog? hihi Cheers!!!

Side note: this letter is not a way of worshiping myself but  to celebrate God's work in my life. We should do that for ourselves and for each other.



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