Much older today, What I discovered in  life to be really true

June 26, 2018

 1- Being truly connected to God is priceless. Nothing will replace the stability you can gain from your relationship with God.


2-Contrary to what many of us may think, loving someone is not about what they can offer you but rather what you can  give them. That means staying in spite of who they are. For instance:

( I love you because you get me... No ❌🚫. I love you and I want to get you...Yes 👍🙏 )



3- In fact never apologize for knowing better or for being smarter. Light either inspires or frustrates... However you are better like everybody else not better than anyone else. So self-righteousness is foolish.


4-Being gentle and forgiving is  not easy... it is not stupidity either... In fact, it is power and a source  of Favor.


5- Again inner peace is at all cost more than necessary. Fight for it with the word of God.


6-Many times some of our battles should be fought in silence... Not everyone will encourage you and genuinely care about how you feel, so putting that responsibility on others instead of God, will cost you a lot. But PLEASE it is better when you care about others.


7-There is no better medicine than God’s word. 


8- It is very true that people will act in accordance with  the way you see and carry yourself.


9- Friendship is a strange word but a gift from God. It is important to know who you are as a friend and who are your friends.


10- Never regret regretting the offense or the wrong you have done. Do not hold back on apologizing, true people do say sorry.


11- Did you know that Christianity does not mean perfection? It does not mean fake either. It means redemtion 😊.





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