The dress I wore for Foodian's place dinner

September 12, 2017



It's typical for a lady in general not to know what to wear for an event, while you have a sea of clothes!!! Oups 😬😬. But well what can we do. This particular dress was tailored in Ivory Coast when I visited last summer. I just couldn't find the right occasion for it. Until I had my back on the wall for Foodian's place dinner. Foodian's place is an on-call African restaurant owned by a friend Fatim. She organized this special dinner for the presentation of her catering and food business so I went to support her 😊.


It's a bit too formal don't you think? 🤔. I mean I liked the result as I paired it with those red sandals( which are absolutely my favorites at the moment)

Fatim's special dishes



 Here is Fatim 😊

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