An alternative for the Nordstrom anniversary sale? 💁💁

July 17, 2017

Girl!! Excuse my long time disappearance 😪, I did not know what to write about 😔. Anyways! I have been blog-reading as usual, and I discovered that the Nordstrom anniversay sale is a big event for all the fashion lovers and bloggers in the States 😱!!! Every blogger guru has a post about it... Then I thought: what if you can't afford it even when it's on sale?😟 Lol I thought about it cause I am not at that level myself 😁😁. So If this describes you this is what you can get as an alternative . 

PS: you will find all the links for each items at the bottom.











 I have noticed that most of the people picked some items for the fall coming up (boots, jackets, sweaters etc...). However, this is summer season so I mixed the items.






 Those items come directly from my personal cart on the SHEIN app. They have great choices for everything. They also have make up but those would be my personal picks.  What do u think ladies?

1-Green Jacket 

2-Yellow Jacket

3- Grey Cardigan

4-Black cardigan

5-Mustard Cardigan

6-Stripped tshirt

7-Floral top

8-Stripped top and short

9-Floral waist pants

10-White top

11-Stripped pants

12- Grey Sliders
13- Color bock sandals

14-Black thigh high boots

15- Red velvet platform shoe

16-Ankle boot

17- White mesh designed sneaker


I hope that was helpful:)



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