How to stay trendy when you have a budget

June 20, 2017

Being trendy is not an easy job. But it can be a little challenging when you have some coins to save for other purposes. Anywho, it is completely possible to always stay trendy with a little or a restricted budget.


1. Shop from your closet

If you have not noticed, fashion trends always come in cycles.  So if you don't know what shopping from your closet is, it simply means that you will always find a current  trendy piece in your closet just look for it.  For example, the maxi dresses and skirts have been trendy for the longest time.  Every fashionista has at least one of each:)


2. Have  "the 5 must-have pieces" of a trendy girl

-A white shirt: a white shirt is always on trend. It never falls, always trendy and on power lol. You can diversify and have some statement white tees. But they always help.

 -Jeans: An other piece that will  never give up on you as a trend: Jeans! Haha. Girlllll! it does not matter, if you have some moms, skinny or boyfriend jeans you will always be on point hihi. You can also  add some white ones and you will be complete.


 -Pumps: It is always good to invest in at least two good pairs of pumps. Why? simply because they are never off season:) and they make classy looks.

-Sandals: Some heel sandals and some flats for the beach and all the relaxing afternoons is never off trend.





 -A blazer: having a blazer especially with a neutral color is always on point. The trick with the blazer is the fact that you can dress it high or down depending on your circumstance or mood.


3.Invest in statement accessories like Hats, watches, earnings and body necklaces

You will be surprised how statement accessories can enhance any off-season outfits.  Just add some nail polish on to your nails and you are good to go.







4.Look for affordable brands

The truth is, it is not about the brand, but about the style. In this case, match your brands with your income. Do not feel pressured if your friend next door has a collection of Chanel boy bags. Be patient with your level and trust  your "dopeness".  There is nothing wrong with  getting a similar item from a cheaper brand. I am currently  loving  SheIn:) But note that similar is not a counterfeit!


5.Knowing the the color of the season 

Knowing the color of the month or the year can help big time for your "trend-on-point-style". JustFab and Shoedazzle always give suggestions about the trendy colors of each month or the seasons. It will be interesting to have an account on one of those brands websites, to receive very good emails for deals and style tips.  But to note, the neutral colors have been trendy forever too. 


6. Be confident!!!!

Confidence in yourself should be something you pin everywhere in your mind, heart, room, in your books, your door steps, bathrooms, living rooms, everywhere! We do not hear it or repeat it enough! self-confidence is the best way to stay on trend all the time. Why? simply because something became a trend because somebody with a good self-confidence tried it first:) Just be yourself and portray your style!





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