Hard to read your actual bible? Use your phone :)

June 12, 2017


Happy Monday.  So honestly who doesn't use their phone for quite everything? In art, fashion business and other, the phone is a useful tool. Today, I want us to talk about the constant use of our cellphones. It's incredible right? how your phone can put you in danger or can make you sick. Whatever it is, the list is long. However, I won't be exploring the negative  today. I love using my phone too, and I pretty much do everything on it (if possible).Beside, as a fashion blogger, your phone is an important tool that can help with your activities, you community and your passion.  If you share the same story, welcome lol!

 But anyways, apart from business and other things, I found it helpful to read my bible on my phone. Girl! if you are struggling to read your "hard copy bible", you can always download the Free YouVersion bible app , which is really amazing. I usually have my phone all the time, it is even the first thing I grab, when I wake up after thanking Jesus (Don't judge me). So instead of running to all my social contents, I open the app to read the verse of the day.  It helps me set my heart and my spirit on the right things for the day. You can use it at anytime of the day, anywhere. It's a very simple app, but you need to have an account, so that you can highlight verses or make notes. You have hundreds of devotions, multiple versions and languages.

You can even have friends and see the verses they have been highlighting, and the cool thing is that  you can still read without an internet connection. Available on your phone, computer, and your tablet. There is  a large variety of bible apps, but this one is by far my favorite among the others I have used. You know we can't really take the Word of God out of our  christian walk, so why can't we find some accommodations? hihi:)


 I hope it was helpful,



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