5 Things I have been learning this year

May 24, 2017

Hey peeps! 

Happy Tuesday:)  I hope you have been enjoying the summer time. Here we have rain and cold lol. Who can put-up with Minnesota's weather. Anyways!  I have been having some reflections on my life during this year, my personal progress and other things concerning my person, and I thought I would share them with you.

 1 Recognizing who comes for life, for a season or for a reason

I have been learning this year that it is important  for me as a person to understand the kind of people who come in my life. In fact, there are three kind of people: people for life, people for a season and people for a reason. I have also been learning that I should invest my emotions, consideration and energy in respect with each king of people. Simply because investing yourself emotionally in a person who is in your life for a season or a reason, is simply going to exhaust you to the core. Your relationship with the  people for life is the one  you should invest yourself in, because God gives you such people for all the days of your life. They usually have the same vision they understand the call of God on your life, your battles, the reasons behind your actions and they speak the same language as you.


2 Letting go of expectations

Learning how to let go, and not even speak about what I thought I should have received from others has been a major challenge for me.  And I have come to realize that learning to retract yourself without saying goodbye, and keeping quiet is the solution for unmet expectations. In reality, because we are so different in characters and education, everybody does not always act the way they should act with others. So expecting them to understand me and acting right all the time, or even having a conversation on it, is just not going to happen. I also learned and I am learning still how to overlook offenses, cause they are just destructive.


3 Constantly exposing myself to the truth (the word of God): Repetition is key 

Listening to sermons and my audio bible, has been really helpful for me in this year. I have noticed that I tend to behave differently, because I am reminded of a scripture or a quote I read or a bible verse. It is helping me with worry, fear, disappointment, anger, frustration, and financial difficulty. The bible says that we should be transformed in the renewing of our mind, so constantly reading, declaring or listening to the word of God gives strength in times of distress. 


4 Reminding myself that improvement takes time 

I have been learning to give myself grace, to be patient with myself and give myself peace for all the times I could not do better than I knew. Improving one's character takes time and grace with the Holy Spirit. So allowing myself to learn even tough I am still not learning the lessons is key. I am confident that I am still learning something even though it is not as much as I should. God is patient, so I should be.



5 Fighting for inner peace is not an option it is a necessity.

Danng girl! Inner peace is everything. The bible says that we have peace and comfort in the Holy Spirit, but the devil won't just let us be. Always throwing lies and condemnation to us and it is not really easy to deal with it. But! at all cost we gotta protect ourselves from our own shame, and from anything that can steal or disturb that peace. Fighting for your inner peace through the word of God gives so much strength and clarity. It gives power and renews energy!!! So I have been  learning to fight for my peace.


So at the end of the day, I continue to learn and practice, then learn again. Just to encourage someone, this year is not done and we can still go with "the new year better me theme". In fact, no need to look back or to live in past failures. If  you forget today, you will remember tomorrow. So what have you been learning this year?


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