Frustration face: Letter to my learning self

March 17, 2017

You are feeling like you will never get better? Unmotivated, not really progressing, self-doubting, lazy even with the things you love to do? Are you a not-go-getter? Well... I wonder...What drives you when you feel weak and annoyed? Getting excited for one second and then dragging your feet later...How do people deal with that? Thinking, I thought... patience with oneself is really key. Focus on the goal is also another key... BUT! Finding one's identity is the principal of all three. But then, how do you find yourself? But then, why do you even look down on yourself?  I'll say walking alone makes the journey more difficult but don't be your own evil judge . The process and the mourning  is sometimes understated by many... but you know you are good at stuff too.


 It's ok...



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