Are Black and white colors or not?

February 22, 2016

Hey guys. so I often heard this question around and many people  had different answers with different or no explanations at all. So since I like style and pairing colors, I decided to do a little bit of research on whether or not black and white are colors:)

  •  Black: I simply found out that black is a pigment which absorbs other  colors. In fact, what we call black is the absorbance of anything colorful that has been hidden. As a result, those colors so to speak are not visible to the eye, but visible in the spectrum. Essentially, black is the mix of many of shades of gray, metal etc... That being said, black is not really a color in itself since it darkens other colors but practically it is  because this absorbance becomes a new color:)

  • White is completely the contrary because it blends and reflect all the bright colors of the visible. For example a rainbow.  More clearly, white is the accumulation of all the colors, and the absence of pigment. So white would not really be considered as a color.

  • Now, outfit wise, how to apply this info??? Well, I can say that if you are trying to make one  piece of your all black outfit more visible, make sure it's an accessory (shoe, bag, jacket, jewelry, hat etc..). If that piece is not an accessory, but a cloth the black part will absorb some of the visibility. Now for a white outfit, you can choose anything for a standout. Why? because the white will always make a reflection of the other color.  For my part, I barely have all black or all white outfits... I rather have both plus another color, like in my other post  Coloured Black and White. I hope it was  useful, 






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