Fleurs a la plage du quartier france

July 23, 2016

Being back to my  home country is cool, intense and boring at the same time:) The town where I live, Grand-Bassam, is an historical town with lots of ancient stuff... Anyways describing this town will be difficult but I like her, in a sense of culture and  style...  Her buildings are not renovated but they still bring this historical beauty:)

With  my parents, brothers and I, we used to go to  the Coral Beach a nice restaurant  on the beach at Quartier France. The owner was nice and had a sense of humor.  He had enormous statues of animals, men, women across the whole place and they were kind of scary (lol), especially for my baby brother who is almost 21 now. Going back there brought me a lot of memories of my childhood and my complicity with my two brothers. (By the way my brother David has the photo credit).

Even though this beautiful "etablissement"  has been crying the death of her owners after the terrorist attack on March 13 2016, this place kept its beauty and hospitality.... 

That day was extremely nice!!! Not too hot, not too cloudy it was the perfect time for this floral dress:)

 That floral dress from the thrift store is simple but classy. I love simple things you can turn into anything you would like. You can dress it high or down like in this case or you can even make it a skirt! Isn't that interesting???? now wearing short stuff nowadays is sometimes challenging for me but  I was going to Coral Beach, so I decided to take a white blouse on a top to give me that false sensation of covering :0

Then I used my  camel leather clutch that my brother got for me from  Morocco. I wanted to make a contrast with the blueish pink tone of the dress with  the neutral color of this bag. I think its original and completes the casual look.


                                                                            The place of Freedom in Grand-Bassam



                                                                              The Civilization Museum of Grand-Bassam


In honor of all and each person who died during the tragic attack in Grand-Bassam and all over the world, for all the families who suffered and are still suffering, for all of those who fight against violence and  for  human rights.... May the Lord be with you all!




What I am wearing

Dress: Plato's Closet

Blouse: Rue 21

Flats: JC Peney

Clutch: Morocco 


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