How Would You Wear a Monochromatic Outfit

October 2, 2016


this time around, we chose  a monochrome outfit as a theme😊😊😊. I was excited about it, then I thought to myself: How do I put this together without wearing two pieces?



 In fact, all the monochromatic posts I've seen when blog reading, were two pieces. A top and a pair of trousers, a top and a skirt, or with some culottes... So I decided to go with a dress and a pair of pumps.I was not sure about it but I tried it 😊. Style is about taking risks and being OK with it.

This reddish orange dress is so "Fall like", so cheerful and I love it! Orange is the color of hope; something that everyone needs especially in this chaotic world where it's almost impossible to see something pure and beautiful...

Just like the nature is about to die during the Winter, and come back to life during Spring season, the Fall in between, throws the last color shades and beauty.



It's life, a process, a cycle, it's about hoping for the best, hoping for the colors to come back... Holding on just like those trees:)



So what will be your version of a monochromatic outfit? What would be you color?

In the mean time, this is what we did :)



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