A +one? What to wear? :(

July 15, 2016


Today I wanna talk about the outfit situation of a +one  guest. I know for sure that fashionistas have always the perfect taste and outfit, but it's really easy to board the overdressed boat especially at a wedding where the +one  does not even know the weds (lol).  In my country Ivory Coast, and in many countries weddings are very important, in way that its  an opportunity to get dressed and showcase one's clothes and value. However, some outfits can be very inappropriate, too much or  awkward for weddings. So how to have  classy  look and stay unnoticed as a +one ?  (Staying unnoticed  doesn't mean isolation).  

Dresses and jumpsuits can never go wrong; simple ones can be perfect in situations described above. Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, H&M and Asos are the shops where I will primarily go to pick a  simple but classy dress or jumpsuit. I also love African prints.




       This chiffon dress from H&M is cool, flirty, simple and classy. I would gladly wear this at a wedding if i am a + one .



            Jumpsuits from Asos   are simply "class" and partysome:)   white may not be the right color at weddings but accessories              can play a big role here.





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