A God of Fashion

June 17, 2015




So has it ever crossed your mind as to what is the very origin of fashion? Well, it has crossed my mind a number of times, and I discovered that fashion comes from God, the Creator. Let's think for a minute… when we take a look at the beautiful nature around us and the extraordinary design of it, it is just awesome. God is the first designer who came before all of the other talented ones. When we look closely, He is fine, precise and diverse in his creations. However, we can't really say that the creation all around us is enough to assume that God is a God of style and fashion. This is the reason why we need to look at one other aspect of His creation: us!!! Look at how beautiful and fierce we are as human beings. He also gave us that sense of natural style, from the most important need to the least one. For example, around the world, we have a different style and a different fashion for everything. Changing from one culture to another, our way of walking, eating, getting dressed, the type of clothing, talking and behaving is just unique and wonderful. God gave us the ability to create a specific style and fashion out of our necessities and pleasures. In fact, I am just suggesting that fashion and style in everything are no accident!!!! That is why, though there is no "rule" or standard in fashion, let's remember that our style and fashion start within us. Let's not forget that we are beautiful, not because of our way of getting dressed, but by the fact that we come from a beautiful and stylish God.

Genesis 3:21 "The LORD God fashioned garments from animal skins for Adam and his wife, and clothed them."





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