The "so what moment"

November 1, 2016

Lately, I have been learning to hold on and not reject the pain. What do I mean by this is that sometimes, before you ask God or yourself why you're hurting you gotta accept the fact that u got cancer, or that your divorce really happened, or that the child he (God) so promised you, died before he was even born... Or that you really feel rejected and unsupported, you have to let pain be...

I understood that in order for God to heal, restore, deliver, or even explain to us what is or was happening we need to acknowledge the fact that we are hurting. Why? because as long as we will want the pain to go away without dealing with it, the devil will have the power to make intense and way painful. I use to say sometimes that I wish I could take my heart out of my chest, put it in my closet and go out; then when people or circumstances would hurt me I would not feel the "damned" pain😩. But God showed me that it will never work. Lately, I have been  struggling with weariness, hurt, past mistakes and the difficult situation I live in currently... It makes me fear for my future and I hate to feel that way... One day, I felt so bad that I told my self: "OK I am hurting so what?! One day I know that it will be different..." then, I immediately felt so better! I could not believe it 😳. The devil wants the pain, your situation or your mistakes to be so obvious that you will feel like you will never heal or be restored but let me tell you: That's the biggest lie you and I could ever believe. Hold on he is greater to heal you and bring you hope again...🙏




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