January 2, 2016

Hi 2016!

Friends, it has been a great year. God has been faithful once again and kept us through. For me, it was seriously challenging but I am grateful for every setbacks. I have done things, I never thought I will be doing, developed some spiritual reflexes in respects with the challenges I faced, and it was amazing. My identity of a Christian young woman was seriously challenged, but God was there the whole time. I am sharing this on my blog because it is important for me to talk about this. It is a way for me to encourage women to take faith, and surrender to God. Now, the new year is here and I am looking forward like on my picture on the left:) This year is a turning point in such a way that great and concrete changes will occur! Real abilities for us to go even further, with the heavenly father watching over us.

          This whole year, shall make us better like never before! I speak not wish but declare love, peace and wisdom in every area of your life. Be consistent and appreciate the good deeds of God our father, who is for us, not against us. Days of trials will come but more than conquerors we shall  all be this year! I am forever grateful for those who by far or closer appreciated my blog, I was so shy to start. A big thank you to those who brought their thoughts and advise. Those who pushed me, and helped me whatsoever with this blog I thank you! Be blessed! I still have a lot to learn about fashion blogging so I am coming slowly, but surely!


         This red dress from Rue 21 (if you know), is very simple with some cut outs in the back. It is really

casual but chic. I would recommend this kind of outfit for simple events, I wore it on the new year's eve because I absolutely had no clue of what to wear lol:)




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